As a result of Cirdan’s assessment and continued independent third party advocacy, numerous management changes were implemented and major IT projects worth over $200M flourished and were successfully completed.
Cirdan’s services were a miniscule investment that produced BIG results.
— Ellis Kitchen, Chief Information Officer, State of Maryland

Project and portfolio management

At Cirdan Group, we help our clients achieve success in improving their projects and portfolios through a variety of professional and effective services. Your project, regardless of its nature, will be inspected and measured in order for Cirdan to best establish a strategy to help give your project the momentum it needs to be completed on time and with the polish you intended it to have when you first started.

Our services can help you to make the most of your current resources, but we can also offer additional services such as IT project management consulting, SDLC design, risk assessment, ITIL maturity assessments, metrics and management assessments, QMS and traceability design using Agile and O&I methods, CirdanAPPS: self-service online assessment applications, independent verification and validation (IV&V) services, and IV&V lifecycle program oversight.

Cirdan also offers services that help with project and program remediation including kill point reviews, recovery/remediation roadmaps, and expert turnaround assistance and coaching. Implementation services are also part of what we do and include information technology project management, requirements management, project planning and schedule management support, and more.

At Cirdan Group, we make it our goal that no project we assist with is late or over budget. We believe that it is entirely possible to make finishing project work effectively and in a timely, functional manner a normal thing. We’re not just a project management organization, our mission is to look beyond the mechanics of project work and dramatically improve project and portfolio results for our clients. We know the attributes of successful programs, and we also know the opposite; how to efficiently and dispassionately sort through project noise, find the problems that affect results and fix them!

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