Getting to Success

In the project and portfolio management industry, we’re not getting very good results.  Fully half of all technology projects are at risk of failure.  Cirdan is of the opinion we can and must do better.  And we’ve done something about it.

With over twenty years’ experience assisting clients to improve project outcomes, we’ve invested and built the definitive road-map to improving project work and obtaining better outcomes.

We are pleased to introduce CirdanAPPS, a collection of targeted on-line assessment applications designed to quickly and efficiently uncover project risks and performance weaknesses that can affect project outcomes.  Or to tell you that you are on the right path towards success.

You get immediate insights so that fixes can start fast.  Our process:

·           Answer a series of questions about your project structure, staffing and other characteristics known to be predictive of better project outcomes. 

·           Invest 15-20 minutes, we’ll assess and score your answers and provide you with an evaluation of your risks and possibleconsequences.  

·           All within minutes, you’ll get an independent evaluation and insight from established Practitioners who understand what makes for successful projects. 

FREE Project PerFormance Assessment APP

To get a sample of the power of CirdanAPPS, try our FREE Project Performance Assessment that will give you information to assess the current health of project work, at any life-cycle stage.  Answer just a few questions; we will collect information on certain project attributes that are known to improve the chances of successful outcomes. We’ll score your work in several categories and provide you with a composite score and some advice on the relative ranking of your project as compared to profiles of successful projects and succinct advice to help guide you on next steps.

For more in depth diagnostics, and more information that is customized to your particular project, to obtain individual category scores and more comprehensive guidance and advice, try one or more of our CirdanAPPS in our APPS store



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The go-to site for fast, efficient and anonymous independent assessment of project work all for the modern day manager and executive and in the privacy of your office.

CirdanAPPS contains general and targeted assessment applications for one time general use by technical, project, portfolio managers, executives and project sponsors.    Find and fix your pain points.  Anytime, anywhere, get fast insight into issues that are impeding your project work.

To get started, try our full scope PRPA APP.  Or try a more targeted APP in Governance, Traceability or Expertise.  Check back as we roll out new products!

All CirdanAPPS are available as a one-time purchase or on an annual subscription basis for use by portfolio teams.  For subscription sales, inquire at, reference: Subscription Sales.  Or call us at 410-750-1400, we'll call you back. 

If you have a mission critical project that you need to reduce your risk of failure, if you want to improve the performance of project work within your organization, we can help. 

For expert consulting assistance in interpreting results, deeper analysis, creating and overseeing improvement plans, we provide on- site or remote call support on an hourly consulting basis, scheduled at your convenience.  If you are interested in talking with us about your results, inquire at, reference: Consulting Support and Fee Schedule.