5 Ways Process is Killing Your Productivity!

Processes are an important part of any company.  They can improve efficiency and create an organized, communicative, more well-rounded place of business. But sometimes processes can get out of control and can actually do more harm than good. The majority of time could be spent planning the process, including tasks like writing reports and holding coordination meetings, among other things.  When used correctly, processes should be a simple collection of tasks that keep the business running smoothly. But if processes are used incorrectly, the opposite is likely to happen. Here are five of the most common ways processes can backfire and kill productivity in your company:


1. Empowerment Not Being Followed by Action

Processes can sometimes lead to employees having more hoops to jump through, only to end up waiting for approvals and sign-offs before they can take any action. This is very demotivating and does not help build a sense of trust between employees and management.

2. Leadership Team Focusing on Process More Than People

Processes can sometimes be the only focus of leadership teams in companies and any sense of personal preference and originality in decisions can easily go out the window.  This can create an environment of boredom and feeling underappreciated amongst employees.

3. Management Ignores Fresh Ideas

If there is too much of an emphasis on processes, management is more likely to ignore great ideas and not build off of the thoughts of their employees. A business meeting in a company that is too focused on process is going to result in frustrated employees that feel like their voices are falling on deaf ears.

4. Too High of a Dependence on Meetings

In order to build a productive and well-functioning company, there doesn’t necessarily need to be a meeting concerning every decision or development. Processes, if too rigid, can often dictate that meetings are necessary for every change, big or small.  This is unproductive.

5. A Lack of Vision in the Company

The world’s most successful companies are led by individuals with a precise and clear vision. The bigger the vision, the more likely the company is to find success.  Out of control processes can easily kill this type of vision with confusion and loss of momentum.  Processes should not impede momentum, vision, and creativity.