Segment 3 - "Three Not So Obvious Things I Learned from Ike...Posthumously"

The third segment of the four part Cirdan Blog Series: Three Not so Obvious Things I Learned from Ike – Posthumously… In this Blog Series, Cirdan President, Joanne Vatz shares her thoughts on what she learned from a unique monument building project gone wrong.  Like many projects, it begins with all the best of intentions however without adequate governance it falls apart. 

Lesson 2 – Ignore Issues at Your Peril or the Strategy of Waiting for the Miracle

Any thoughtful project manager could have predicted this outcome.  Cost, governance, stakeholder and technical risks began to emerge very early, and more importantly went unresolved, piled up as issues, and there is little evidence that anyone did the spade work of actually attempting to mitigate risks and resolve issues in a serious way. 

When the build price came it at $140MM, and the EMC had raised less than a $1MM to date, did anyone think this was a problem?  How did it happen that the proposed design/build cost was so much more than the money available to build it? Did anyone have a plan to address it? How did the design team produce a design that was at least 100% higher than the planned budget?  Who allowed this?

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