The New Language of Project Work

It’s good that project and program managers have their own vocabulary, but to the outsider it’s all pretty dense and intimidating.  What is a deliverables oriented work breakdown structure or a Release Train Engineer?   And don’t we need some new terms to expand our thinking about project work and how to be successful with it?

Our purpose here is not to replace Google or Wikipedia, which provide extensive and (shall we say?) lengthy descriptions and definitions. Rather it is to provide a more succinct explanation of various project management terms, to explain some insider jargon that may be intended to obfuscate (who would do that?),  and to expand our project vocabulary of related techniques, all in a way that does not take the topic too seriously. 

Our "word of the week" is for: 
•    Explaining project terms to the layman in non-PMBOK speak
•    Adding new terms for project teams to expand your thinking  
•    Introducing some much needed levity into a field that has a tendency to be, well, dry.  

Visit our Language of Project Work Gallery and scroll through our list of new, old and fanciful project terms!