Technical Writing

An international non-profit association of over 20,000 members approached Cirdan Group with a problem: it paid over a million dollars for a research document that was intended to introduce its members to a new professional strategy, but instead, the document was long, unfocused, full of grammatical errors, and generally unusable. The association staff needed to save its investment and produce a functional document to introduce and promote its new strategic plan.

For a fraction of one percent of the association’s original cost, the Cirdan Group technical writing team reduced the document’s size by half while retaining all necessary information. The team also reorganized and reformatted document information for readability and cogency. The association was able to compound its investment and savings by utilizing Cirdan technical writers to develop a strategic professional article and brochure also for a fraction of the association’s original cost. 

Carefully and properly edited documents are essential for communication with your clients, potential clients, organization members, and personnel. Cirdan Group’s technical writing team has the experience and expertise to ensure that every document your organization produces is thoroughly proofread and formatted and successfully communicates your intended message.