SDLC Development

The State of Maryland’s Department of Budget and Management found its System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) outdated. Agency project managers said the documentation was too dense, too difficult to follow, and lacked sufficient flexibility. The State needed a thorough, sensible methodology that would ensure successful implementation of a wide variety of information technology systems: single and multiple releases, custom and commercial-off-the-shelf solutions, and hardware and software acquisitions.

Cirdan Group’s experienced team of project managers collaborated with state executives to satisfy over 200 requirements in the SDLC enhancement project. Our team developed an improved methodology, more consistent with the Project Management Institutes’ Project Management Body of Knowledge and flexible enough to meet the needs of an organization with diverse project types. Further, we went above and beyond the original scope by developing a custom-designed, SharePoint-based website for the publication of the enhanced SDLC. This additional element would increase visibility and usability for project managers all over the state.

The enhanced State of Maryland SDLC will allow project managers, stakeholders, and agency executives to easily follow a methodology that will maximize project outcomes and minimize project risks. Project managers will be able to complete vital project documentation by filling out easy-to-follow templates and following the clear, concise, and cogent directions in each of ten project phases. This enhancement is designed to dramatically alleviate end user reluctance to follow the imperative, risk-mitigating steps in the SDLC.